Global Mobility. Under Control.

Sixt Global Reporting offers an innovative solution to manage fleets across countries and suppliers.
Best practice data collection and diligent evaluation provide customized management reports.

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One Click. TCO Savings.

Sixt Global Reporting solves the global fleet puzzle. Heterogeneous local data is
transformed into reliable, consistent management reporting:

Savings - Transparency - Control - Relief of reporting hassle

Large fleets - large savings

Global demand aggregation: increase discounts and premiums with better international purchasing agreements
Spend management: monitor the saving effect of CO2 limits, better financing, tighter supplier management and compliance

Transparency - know it, plan it, check it

Mobility inventory: review the current state of global mobility and define your company’s future mobility solution
Cost management: TCO break down, financing structure, contractual commitments, etc.
Supplier management: monitor the discount, cost or quality of your global supplier base and take targeted actions

Control - measure it to get it done

Dashboard reporting: designed to meet the needs of a global mobility manager
High end analysis: Powerful BI-Reporting unveils valuable insights into cost and suppliers scenarios with only a few clicks
Alerts: the reporting tool highlights striking alternation of fleet KPIs on supplier or country level
Anywhere/Anytime: with the global reporting app

Hassle free - Sixt service team runs the tool for you

International Helpdesk: multi-lingual fleet experts implement and support suppliers, monitor and ensure the supplier quality and give expert advise to our customers
Intelligent translation: our tool learns to understand local supplier reports and translates them into a globally harmonized reporting
Tailored to the client: the reports can be fully tailored to the client’s reporting requirements (regions, currencies, cost categories, business lines, naming conventions, etc.)

Heterogeneous Data. Homogeneous Reports.

Best practice data collection and cleaning processes turn local supplier reports
into a consistent and reliable reporting for global mobility decision-making:

Easy to implement - Consistent - Up to date

Easy to implement - fast results

Existing reports: supplier can use existing reports that they understand and that they can easily provide on monthly basis
Intelligent learning: in a one time setup process, the suppliers explain their report and its content. The system validates and learns the content and translates it consistently to global predefined reporting categories
Quality control: the Sixt service team supports the supplier, validates the content and provides constructive feedback

Consistent - compare apples to apples

Client data requirements: clients can define what kind of data elements need to be provided and when
Global default values: predefine global standard values and client defined corporate terms (legal entities, business lines, etc.)
System validation: system monitors the uploaded content and provides instant feedback to the supplier

Up to date - fresh reports, every month

Supplier schedule: supplier receives reminders for upcoming report due date
Supplier scoring: supplier gets a rating based on punctuality and completeness of the uploaded reports

One Global Fleet. Many Views.

Sixt Global Reporting serves many stakeholders:

Mobility management - Purchasing - Controlling - Sustainability - Health & Safety

Global fleet manager - one stop fleet control

  • Status reporting per month
  • Trend reporting
  • Exception reporting
  • Access to underlying detailed data
  • Export individual reports to Excel with one click

Purchasing - global volume for better discounts

  • OEM and funding supplier share of global wallet
  • Make and model breakdown
  • Discount development
  • Global demand projection
  • Fuel consumption

Controlling - budgeting and budget control

  • Global funding overview
  • Contractual commitments
  • Allowances
  • TCO development and TCO break down
  • Volume and car level trends
  • Compliance management
  • Company specific conversion rates and reporting currencies

Sustainability and Health & Safety

  • Carbon footprint and carbon trend
  • Alternative mobility solutions
  • Accident alerts
  • Risk analysis

Quality Assured. Every Month.

Advanced data quality measures ensure a reliable and consistent reporting:

Upload validation - Supplier scoring - Sixt supervision - Automated quality assessment

Upload validation - instant feedback

  • Data gap analysis per supplier
  • Upload validation and detailed feedback
  • Sixt helpdesk supports suppliers

Supplier scoring - incentive for better quality

  • Automated scoring of
    • Data accuracy
    • Data completeness
    • Punctuality

Sixt supervision - personal supplier coaching

  • Dedicated Sixt International Helpdesk
  • Supplier onboarding training and support
  • Phone and online support for suppliers
  • Validation of uploaded data
  • Targeted supplier feedback on improvement needs

Automated quality assessment - anomalies highlighted

  • Validation of uploaded reports
  • Comparison to previous reports
  • Dashboard highlights variations of KPIs
  • Active supplier management by Sixt team to ensure quality